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DiGiCo expands Quantum theory

DiGiCo expands Quantum theory

DiGiCo expands Quantum theory

DiGiCo has unveiled the newest additions to its lineup of Quantum consoles: the Quantum5 and Quantum338

Based on seventh-generation FPGAs, the Quantum338 includes 128 input channels with 64 busses and a 24x24 matrix as well as full channel processing. The console also offers a new dark mode application that provides users with a new look and feel, while three 17-inch, 1,000-nit, multitouch screens facilitate the display of both the meter bridge and soft quick-select buttons. In addition, 70 individual TFT channel displays and the floating Quantum chassis features 38 100mm touch-sensitive faders, which are laid out in three blocks of 12 fader banks, plus a pair of user-assignable faders, each featuring metering in a high resolution.

Ultimate Stadius 32-bit ADC and DAC conversion is built into the Quantum338 as standard along with six single or three redundant MADI connections, dual DMI slots and a built-in UB MADI USB recording interface. The Mustard processing, Spice Rack, Nodal Processing and True Solo options, all launched for the Quantum7 in 2019, also come as standard on the Quantum338.

Mustard processing is a set of channel processing strips that work alongside standard Quantum channel processing. Each strip provides a choice of two pre-ampmodellers, a four-band EQ (including all-pass filters), four boutique-style compressor models and a gate/ducker. Quantum338 is equipped with 36 mono Mustard processing strips that can be used on any channel type. The Spice Rack, meanwhile, supports plug-in-style native FPGA processing options, allowing users to build a ‘rack’ of up to eight insertable processors. The first of these is the Chilli 6 – a six-band, multi-band compressor that facilitates control of all parameters.

The entire system architecture is new and exciting,’ said general manger Austin Freshwater of the Quantum338. ‘But, just to recap on a few cool highlights, we have improved transparency of audio, provided more audio toys, bigger, brighter multitouch PCAP screens, increased visual feedback and an all-new work surface architecture.’


The Quantum5, on the other hand, follows in the footsteps of the Quantum7. Also developed with seventh-generation FPGA devices, the Quantum5 engine slots into existing SD5 frames and, with 37 faders and three 15-inch full-colour TFT touchscreens, provides users with Quantum processing features, power and connectivity in either new or existing hardware.

Quantum5 expands the SD5 console to more than 450 channels of processing at 96kHz. It includes up to 256 input channels and 128 busses with a 36x36 matrix. The engine is also equipped with four redundant or eight individual MADI ports and two DMI (DiGiCo Multi-Channel Interface) slots for AoIP and other connectivity options, plus a built-in Waves port and up to two Optocore loops.

Other enhancements brought about by Quantum include Nodal Processing and True Solo for monitoring. These are combined with 48 channels of Mustard processing and 12 Spice Rack processing slots, including Chilli 6.

‘Quantum5 makes complete sense as an upgrade path for both new and existing SD5 users,' said Freshwater. It allows them to take advantage of all the new Quantum features while maximising their ongoing return on investment.

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