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FOH engineer makes Waves in Indonesia

FOH engineer makes Waves in Indonesia
FOH engineer Sony Soebowo

FOH engineer makes Waves in Indonesia


FOH audio engineer Sony Soebowo has chosen several products from Waves Audio for use on recent tours by Indonesian performers Naif and Raisa. These included a Waves eMotion LV1 live mixer, which runs on a Waves Axis One computer with a SoundGrid Extreme Server-C, SoundStudio STG-1608 for FOH I/O and a SoundStudio STG-2412. He has also used a Tracks Live for recording and playback/virtual sound check.

Raisa in concert
Raisa in concert

Soebowo explained how his large collection of Waves plug-ins were an extensively used and indispenable tool on the recent tours. ‘I have been using Waves MultiRack for a long time now and the ability to use Waves plug-ins within the console is a major advantage. My must-haves are the Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain plug-in, which I use on the Master Bus, the Vitamin Sonic Enhancer which gives that extra “shine” to the overall mix and the Q10 Equalizer enables me to make EQ changes necessary for the different venues.'

He also heavily relies on the F6 Floating-Band Dynamic EQ and a choice of plug-ins from the Waves SSL 4000 Collection for controlling and sculpting the sound in order to sit the different groups in the mix. ‘I have the Scheps Omni Channel on almost all the input channels; it has excellent controls, analogue warmth and low DSP usage. For drums and bass, I insert the CLA MixHub to get a great blend and vibe, and to match the sound character for each of them. Waves’ TRACT System Calibration is indispensable considering the diverse venues we set up in. Specifically, when mixing Raisa’s vocals, I go for the CLA MixHub which provides me with the most unique vocal character and the perfect blend with the surrounding instruments.’

Aside from his large complement of Waves plug-ins, Soebowo selected the manufacturer's LV1 as the control surface due to its portability and sound. ‘The LV1 is the only console that can be carried effortlessly and easily checked into flights,’ he added. ‘My current setup travels in just three portable flight cases. Using the LV1 guarantees great sound wherever I go, unlike the alternative, which would be using the house desks in different venues. Besides the portability and exquisite sound, the LV1 is quick to set up, and it is a rugged machine as well. I did a show recently in a stadium and it started raining. Raindrops were pouring on my screen and I just continued mixing. This would have been impossible with a regular mixer.’

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