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24 Jul – 13 Aug 2020, 17.00 – 18.00
Online, World

Harman Professional University Workshops

Harman Professional University Workshops

24 Jul – 13 Aug 2020, 17.00 – 18.00
Online, World

Harman Professional University Workshops

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fixintogetmixin - How to Build Your Best Mix! Part 2 with Brad Divens

There are many factors involved in creating a great live mix. In this two-part series, Brad Divens will deconstruct a real mix and discuss elements of his process. Part 2 will cover parallel compression, mix bus processing and more.

24th July 17:00 - Register here

Incorporating Martin MAC Encore and ELP Into Modern Lighting Design with Paul Collison

This webinar will provide an in-depth look at the versatility of the Martin MAC Encore and ELP fixtures in lighting design for events, theatre, broadcast, fashion and other applications.

27th July 04:00 - Register here

System Engineer Skills for the Mix Engineer with Cookie Hoff and Pooch Van Druten

This webinar will provide front of house mixers with some of the skills and knowledge of a systems engineer, with the goal of improving your mixes and ensuring more consistent results from venue to venue.

29th July 18:00 - Register here

Tips for Mixing for Houses of Worship with Jim Yakabuski

From checking the tonal balance of the sound system to building a solid foundation with drums and bass, this webinar will provide a time-tested fundamental approach to mixing in a house of worship environment.

30th July 16:00 - Register here

From Idea to Output - The Development Process of a Moving Light with Brad Schiller

New lighting fixtures don’t just magically appear on the market. Learn about the product development cycle and how an idea transforms into a fixture in a lighting rig. This session will provide insight into how new lights are developed.

4th August 16:00 - Register here

History of Audio Technology with Peter Moses

This engaging and fast-paced webinar will explore the stories behind many important pieces of audio technology, from analog microphones to digital signal processing and digital audio protocols.

5th August 00:00 - Register here

Network Design Considerations and Techniques for AV Systems with Thomas Hejnicki

This webinar will be an introduction to AV networking using the OSI and TCP/IP models, including a discussion of hardware considerations using relevant design criteria such as maximum bandwidth capacity, data encoding and network timing.

6th August 16:00 - Register here

Mixing the Mainstage with Raphael Williams, FOH Engineer for Stormzy

Ed Jackson will interview Raphael Williams about his career to date, from his beginnings mixing sound in houses of worship to mixing front of house for Stormzy at the Glastonbury Pyramid Stage in 2019 with the Soundcraft Vi2000.

10th August 12:00 - Register here

Transitioning from Touring To Corporate with Matt Mills

In this webinar, Matt will detail his own journey from touring with high-profile acts to jumping into the corporate lighting design arena, including examples of workflow differences between the two disciplines.

11th August 16:00 - Register here

Programming Essentials: Workflow and Views with Benny Kirkham

Different projects require different approaches and workflows. In this webinar, Benny will explain his role as a lighting programmer in several past productions and describe how the needs of the show dictated his approach.

13th August 16:00 - Register here

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