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Live Date catches Waves to stream

Live Date catches Waves to stream

Live Date catches Waves to stream


Tokyo-based sound engineering company Live Date has selected a Waves eMotion LV1 mixer and plugins solution to improve audio for livestreamed productions. Live Date provides live sound mixing, on-stage computer/DAW setups and livestreaming for acts including Yorushika, My First Story, Survive Said The Prophet and Ms.OOJA. Like everywhere, Japan’s live music industry has been badly hit by the pandemic, with concert promoters selling more expensive tickets for restricted audience live events and more affordable ones for online streaming.

“Covid-19 has placed many restrictions on the number of staff members working in the studios and venues from which we stream,” commented Live Date CEO Shigeo Aoki. “Normally, a few people would cover the PA, but now, we are sometimes limited to only one person at a time. This requires new solutions that are easy to operate. Also, performances by popular Japanese artists are nowadays streamed live from non-traditional locations such as rehearsal studios, restaurants and private homes. Traditional mixing consoles are often unsuitable for these sites. To handle these new conditions, we were looking for a mixer that could be transported and operated by a small number of people, with a similar or higher level of sonic quality and a minimal footprint.”

Having researched available solutions, Aoki chose the Waves eMotion LV1. “A complete LV1 system’s footprint is less than half of a medium live console, so you can place it in any space, such as a hallway or dressing room. Our complete LV1 system includes the Waves Axis One computer, the Extreme Server-C plugin DSP server and the StudioSound STG-1608 and STG-2412 audio interfaces. We also own a DiGiGRID MGB interface and all the interfaces are connected to each other via a network switch and a digicom RED Link10 with a LAN cable. I chose a Dell P2418HT as the LV1’s touchscreen display. It’s a very compact system that can go anywhere.”

Live Date’s FOH and monitor engineer Masaru Sasaki compared livestreaming via the eMotion LV1 with audio output from the PA system via the venue’s regular console: “The quality of the LV1 was so good that the venue staff were surprised at the difference between the main PA and broadcast stream. The sound resolution from the LV1 was significantly higher.”

Live Date’s engineers control the LV1 via both a touchscreen and the Waves FIT Controller, specifically designed for eMotion LV1. Waves plugins are also an integral part of Live Date’s workflow. “There are many good plugins on the market, but I believe Waves is the best prepared to respond quickly to various mixing, recording, PA and streaming,” said FOH and monitor engineer, Takura Sawada. “For us to keep the entertainment business alive, we need to continue to bring live music to the audience via the internet. Our job is to supply superior sound, which the Waves eMotion LV1 delivers, anywhere, anytime.”

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