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Avolites unveils Diamond 9 flagship console

Avolites unveils Diamond 9 flagship console

Avolites unveils Diamond 9 flagship console

The new flagship from Avolites bring lighting, media and other visual aspects of a performance under control inside a single enclosure

Described by the British manufacturer as the result of decades of innovation from the Avolites team, the Diamond 9 is available in two versions – the D9-330 and D9-215. The main front panel of the Diamond 9 has been machined from a single sheet of aluminium to create a distinctive look. Operationally, the D9-330 boasts 11 ultra-bright touchscreens, including three main workspace screens, three for media preview and specific screens for attribute control and softkey short cuts. The three main workspace screens provide adjustable brightness up to 1,000 nits and prioritise ensuring that data, visualisation and creative programming tools are easily accessible.

The three 4.3-inch preview screens have been developed to ensure that the main screens remain uncluttered for maximum information density. A macro/executer screen has been added for electronic labelling without occupying main screen space; a dedicated T-bar screen comes with a permanent Scene Master status; a dedicated level wheel screen gives users instant live intensity date, no matter the selected attribute group; a vertical editor screen is located in the programming panel to simplify control of complex fixtures and media servers, and shows the main cue list status in a new display; and a softkey menu screen frees up workspace and unifies the layout of all the main screens.

The motorised, touch-sensitive Penny & Giles faders and optical high-resolution rotary encoders each have their own RGB bar graphs so levels can be monitored at a glance. Users can define fader and encoder level indicator colours to make it easier to group and quickly recognise controls. There’s also a return of the backlit integrated keyboard. Carefully selected Cherry MX low-profile keys with RGB illumination are said to provide optimal tactility with low fatigue for programming sessions.

On the right-hand side, users will find five encoder wheels, a T-bar for controlling scene masters and a new set of bespoke buttons carefully positioned so they’re easy to find. The T-bar is said to deliver more refined control with even smoother manual fades and is paired with the manufacturer’s Scene Master functionality, which is complimented by a double-width Commit button and four further control buttons, plus a dedicated LCD screen for continuous status data. The dedicated master cue list control section comes with two motorised faders, eight control buttons and a double-width Go button.

However, Avolites is keen to point out that the key differentiators go far beyond the aesthetics. The console builds on the manufacturer’s Synergy feature set, released in October 2019, that allows integration between media server and lighting control. The D9 is said to bring this to users’ fingertips with an “intuitive design” and layouts ideal for media playback and control. The console also supports Avolites’ new logo, described as the first significant change since the company’s inception in 1976.

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