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Astera builds portfolio with Bricks

Astera builds portfolio with Bricks
AX9 PowerPAR

Astera builds portfolio with Bricks

Following in the footsteps of the AX5 TriplePAR LED, Astera has added an all-purpose, larger-format, three-in-one LED lighting fixture in the form of the AX9. Offering a wireless PAR light source that can also be run as a wired PAR for longer-term installations and an elegant up-lighter, the fixture’s 105W output offers over 3,000 lumens of homogenised light.

Incorporating a similar engine to the Titan LED, the new model comes with an optimised bracket with Airline Track and a Titan-style keypad for local control. Offering battery operation and direct wireless control via the AsteraApp, the AX9 can be used on-set, onstage, in the studio or on location. In situ as a wired PAR, the AX9 can operate for sustained periods of time. The compact, multipurpose fixture can also be deployed as a wall or surface washing up-lighter without a flex cover and with the bracket removed to produce a streamlined effect. The LED engine comes with a high CRI, a wide range of tuneable colour temperature whites and diverse colours. An internal battery provides up to 20 hours of programmable operation to maintain optimal output over a designated period.


Designed for use in live events, the PixelBrick is a flexible luminaire. The 1.1kg, compact up-lighter combines a Titan LED engine with the AX3 LightDrop in new, fully adaptable housing. The IP65-rated model can be suspended outdoors as a universal light for accenting and texturing buildings or façades. Offering 450 lumens and 1200 Lux at 2m – both at 3,200K – the PixelBrick can also be deployed as a general-purpose PAR fixture complete with a bracket.

When fixed together, an array of geometric shapes and clusters can be created. The lights can also be arranged in matrix patterns or as numbers and letters in addition to being pixel-mapped to produce yet additional effects. PixelBricks can be physically interconnected via a bespoke engineered track system on all four sides, which can also be used to mount airline track accessories, including TrackPin, Hangar and Handle. The brackets can be mounted to the PixelBrick using the same track system.

In addition to an onboard battery pack offering five hours of full-brightness operation, features include an RGB Mint Amber for creating colours and authentic white tones from 1,750–20,000K and a CRI of 96 or above. Several different beam options are available, while the fixture’s native 13° angle can be customised with the use of a 17° diffuser for a soft-light effect or a 30° flood filter.

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