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NAS Solutions packs a punch in New Zealand

NAS Solutions packs a punch in New Zealand

NAS Solutions packs a punch in New Zealand

New Zealand:

EastPack is a company that specialises in packing fruit, orchard management and in advising growers on best practises and the latest trends in their industry. 58 million crates of fruit, mainly kiwifruit, is being distributed globally with each individual fruit graded and checked before being carefully tucked into cartons specially designed to protect the delicate skin.

It’s big business, and the picturesque town of Te Puke in the Western Bay of Plenty on New Zealand’s North Island, known as the kiwifruit capital of the world, has one of EastPack’s largest facilities for packing and distributing produce.

EastPack is very aware that it’s mostly manual work, and with that in mind, the care and wellbeing of its 700-strong workforce at Te Puke requires a slightly different approach for providing a safe and happy workplace. Near the top of the list has always been playing background music for the workers, and with the existing system being little more than ageing boomboxes squawking from the corners of the roof, things needed a refit. EastPack approached Triac AV Light and Sound to design and install a replacement music system that could deliver quality sound throughout the packing facility. Of course, improved paging systems and announcements were part of the deal, but it was all about the music. Triac’s owner and founder, Neil Turner, who has over forty-five years’ experience in the industry, put David Diprose in charge of the project.

EastPack is an enormous space of over 15,000m2 with tin walls, a tin roof and a concrete floor, filled with three lines of packing processors, one of them recently upgraded at a cost of $33 million, all combining to create a difficult level of ambient noise and reverberation. Added to this, the various sections of the facility had these factors in significantly different amounts and tight, controlled zoning was going to be needed. Two of the lines required five zones, while the third ended up with seven zones. One factor in Triac AV’s favour was the off-season when the equipment could be installed without getting in everyone’s way. Packing kiwifruit takes about a seven-month period, dependent on the success of the harvest, during which the facility operates almost 24 hours a day. Diprose and the team from Triac AV Light and Sound were up for the job and achieved the install on time, and nearly on budget.

Kelvin Colling of NAS Solutions loaded his car with inDESIGN speakers and other gear and drove all the way from Auckland to help Triac put together a demonstration. The next step was to design a layout, which involved a total of 44 inDESIGN ID-MH1512 speakers and six inDESIGN BGM8 speakers to create those 17 separate zones. A mix of Ashly amplifiers and InterM amplifiers power everything. The main control comes from the production office, but the individual zones can still adjust volumes in their respective areas. Triac AV Light & Sound put in the finishing touches with new inDESIGN paging microphones.

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